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Get Your Work Out There Home Study Program

Special Launch Week Pricing Aug. 31 - Sept. 7, 2011

Samantha Bennett and Steve Harper
Dear Creative Genius,

You have a project just sitting in a drawer.  It’s time to get it out into the world.  The Get Your Work Out There Home Study Program is your solution.

So the first question is: What’s holding you back? And this is a big one. We’ve seen it in our work with clients:  MINDSETS THAT FREEZE – they can keep people stuck – not taking the incremental steps to move their project ahead and get them on their way.

Are You….

Filled With Lots Of Initial Enthusiasm? But you don’t follow through.

Still Trying To Decide WHICH Of Your 36 Project Ideas You Want To Do? You have so many projects (and you’re so busy thinking of new ones) that you’re stuck.

Too Busy Putting Out Fires? You’re so busy attending to life’s little emergencies that you never get to your truly important projects – the projects you know could change your life.

Trapped In The Idea? You’re so caught up in thinking about it that you never move from the idea to the execution.

Seeking Permission? You’re busy checking with everybody first rather than working on your project step by step.

Getting Ready To Get Ready? You could be so engaged in gearing up (I need new pictures first, I need a new website, I need more training…) that you never get to work.

Stuck Thinking “I Can’t Do It”? Maybe you’ve decided that you’re not capable of what’s required.

Or perhaps you keep saying to yourself:

  • Who am I to do such a thing?
  • I need credentials!  I don’t have enough training!
  • It’s been done before!
  • Someone will steal my idea!
  • I’m overwhelmed by even having to make a choice. It’s too much.
  • I’m just going to screw this up.
  • I’ve started so many other things and not finished them – why would this be any different?


But We Know: The World Needs Your Good Work
Want to make progress RIGHT NOW? Enjoy this free 75-minute webinar and grab a pen – you’ll want to take notes!


Click HERE to View The Order Form And Decide If The Get Your Work Out There Home Study Kit Is Right For You

And we have devised one of the most unusual, innovative programs ever to help you get your project out the door.

Get Your Work Out There is an eight-week intensive program especially constructed to give you:

A Step-By-Step Support Plan to get your project out into the world – so you won’t feel so alone anymore

Weekly Project Reporting – so you can actually SEE and FEEL your own progress

Daily Support – to keep you on track, even when life tries to get in the way

Access to Creative Problem-Solving Specialists Samantha Bennett & Steve Harper – we’ve done our homework and we know the truth about what it takes to get a project out the door.  We’ve launched businesses, written – and published!!! –  books, produced live events and we have expert contacts all over the world.  We’ve got the goods and we can’t wait to share them with you.

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It’s Time To Quit Putting On Plays In The Backyard

So, What’s Your Project?
You’re job hunting…..You want to submit your book proposal…..You’ve got a fabulous new business idea…..You’re launching your Etsy shop…..You’ve got your blog going – now what?…..You’re ready to find the right agent….. …You are on the verge of starting your coaching business…..You’ve developed a new workshop….. Your website is up, but you’re not getting any traffic… Your demo CD is gathering dust…..Self-publishing is starting to look like a great idea…..You’re seeking a gig, a gallery, a fan base…..You’ve had this one great idea for years and years but you haven’t done anything with it…..

Here’s The Gut-Check: Fourteen Ways To Know If The Get Your Work Out There Home Study Program Is Right For You

  • You know that getting your project out into the world will really benefit you

  • You have a big vision and no idea where to start

  • You’re ready to quit playing small (no more putting on plays in the backyard)

  • You know that with a little extra focus, encouragement and support, you can whip your project into shape

  • You’re thisclose already

  • Your intuition is tugging on your sleeve, saying, “Try this!”

  • You can see yourself, eight weeks from now, saying, “Wow!  I did it!”

  • You are ready to invest in yourself (for a change…)

  • You sense that the moment is now – it’s the perfect time for the world to receive the special gifts you have to offer

  • You are willing to say, “OK, everybody – MY turn!”

  • You are ready to see REAL, TANGIBLE RESULTS

  • You know that being part of a motivated, inspired, active community of like-minded creatives, entrepreneurs and spirited individuals will help keep you on the path to accomplishment

  • You are ready to feel the fear and do it anyway

  • You don’t know how you know – you just know – this is right

You Might Be Wondering…


1) What are you promising me?


  • We promise to create and maintain an atmosphere that is positively charged for success.

  • We promise safety, mutual support and at least one really good laugh per class.

  • We promise that each class will be jam-packed with innovative techniques to move you forward.

  • We promise you The Daily Goose – a daily email with an inspiring challenge.

  • We promise hands-on, from-the-trenches advice and support.  We know what it takes to get an agent, start a business, sell your art and publish your own works, and what we don’t know, we can find out thanks to our expert network of super-smart friends and colleagues. Heck, we’ll even give you the names of our favorite web designers, CRMs and fulfillment houses – if you ask us.


2) What if I don’t like it?

satisfaction guaranteed image Then we’ll refund your money, no questions asked. Satisfaction guaranteed. Here’s the whole deal: if you enroll and participate to the very best of your ability for the full eight weeks and end up genuinely dissatisfied, we will cheerfully refund your investment (less a $50 administrative fee).

3) What do you mean by “participate to the very best of your ability”?


  • We expect you to communicate with us promptly if you are having any issues, questions, difficulties or a troubled mind.  We can’t fix it if we don’t know what’s happening.  We also expect you to communicate with us when you have big breakthroughs, triumphs and successes!

    We know that you’re going to have good days and bad days and can’t-get-out-of-bed days and help-I’m-paralyzed days and exultant-hooray days…and we’re excited about taking this journey with you. We know that your best is always good enough.

    4) So, we can get help from you when we need it?

    Of course. We are available to be a resource for you, to support you and to guide you.

    5) What if I can’t afford it?

    Only you know the truth of your financial picture, and if now isn’t the right time for you to invest in your project, then it isn’t the right time.  Simple as that. The real question is, “Do I want the results of this workshop – whatever they may be – more than I want the money?” Because your money is going to go somewhere.  I mean, it’s not like if you don’t spend the money on this then you will have extra at the end of the year – the money is going to get spent one way or the other.  You get to say where and when. And we’ve noticed that investing time and money and right action in a project has an amazing, nearly-miraculous effect, so even if you don’t invest in The Get Your Work Out There VIP Program, we strongly urge you to experiment by making a financial commitment to your work and seeing what happens.

    6) What if I have more questions?

    Please email us at or or, if you want to talk in person, give Steve a call at: 917-232-8879 or call Samantha at 818-468-0540.

    Here’s the Schedule: Eight Weeks to Success

    Six Audios with Ground-Breaking NEW Material

    Six Weeks Of Self-Directed Independent Study

    PLUS You’ll Receive Over $500 in BONUSES – including full access to the 12 mind-blowing hours of The Organized Artist Company’s “Get It Done Home Study Program” and quite a few other surprises!

    Click HERE to View The Order Form And Decide If The Get Your Work Out There Home Study Kit Is Right For You

    “… I felt cared for, uplifted, and hopeful and the epiphanies were going off like popcorn in the background every time you talked. Thank you for doing the work you’ve done on yourself to get to this place where you can give so much to all of us. Incredibly grateful for your existence.”
    Western Bonime,
    “Working with Steve gave me exactly what I needed – clarity and direction…Steve’s support, positive energy and incisive questions allowed me to get ‘unstuck’ and find the answers I needed.”
    Laura Ekstrand, Artistic Director, Dreamcatcher Rep. Theatre
    “Thanks so much for your wonderful work and clear-concise guidance”
    C.C. Whitney

    So, Who Is Steve Harper?

    steve harper photo

    Yale, Harvard, Hollywood

    Steve’s mission is to inspire creative people to celebrate their work and support themselves through practical tools and strategies. That means more clear goal setting, more ease, more rest, and better work – for all of us.

    Steve went to Yale as an undergrad, the A.R.T. at Harvard for acting school and studied playwriting at Juilliard. But after graduation he realized that NO ONE taught him to move forward into career abundance while remaining sane and optimistic.

    Today Steve is a professional actor and writer with a passion and commitment for coaching people who want to pursue their creative work while keeping a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives.

    He started coaching in 2008 and has studied extensively with Eric Maisel and The Creativity Coaching Association and is the founder of Bottom line: he’s been busy.

    So, Who Is Samantha Bennett?

    Samantha Bennett photographed by Mikel Healey

    Poet, Actor, Writer, Infusionsoft 2010 Ultimate Marketer Finalist

    Samantha Bennett is the creator of The Organized Artist Company – a business she has built from scratch, DOUBLING her revenue in each of the last three years (yes – in “this” economy). She was named the 2010 Ultimate Marketer Finalist by Infusionsoft and has produced two books in the past 12 months: “By The Way, You Look Really Great Today” and “365 Reasons To Write.”

    Still a working actor, writer and teacher in Los Angeles, Samantha has also written several plays, including, “Kiss The Monster,” “Miss Millicent’s Fall Recital” and “In A Booth At Chasen’s.”

    As an alumni of The Second City in Chicago, Samantha is known for her quick wit, and her 12 years as a professional Personal Branding Specialist with Sam Christensen Studios has given her an uncanny ability to help people recognize and capitalize on their own brilliance.

    Click HERE to View The Order Form And Decide If The Get Your Work Out There Home Study Kit Is Right For You

    “I just want to extend my continued gratitude to you, Sam, for your steadfast support of ‘our’ work. The Professional artistic world needs your presence. It can be a dry dry place out here. You are cool water! I love you so!”
    Anna Barczay Sloan, M.A.,
    “You’re a delight, Sam — the proverbial breath of fresh air (and a well-seasoned one at that.) Yeah, I s’pose that’s a mixed metaphor… I love the light-hearted, non-controlling way in which you approach your teaching(s)… I especially appreciate that you’re well-educated (well-versed) in the various self-help and spiritual-development disciplines.”
    Deborah Claire Procter (Wales)
    “Steve Harper is a dynamic workshop leader whose presence inspires intimacy and deep work. Highly recommended!”
    Eric Maisel, Ph.D., Creativity for Life,
    “That I can adapt these techniques and approaches to anything I am working on, in my teaching positions (college and middle school), personal projects, there’s no where you cannot use this work!”
    Carol Hallberg, musician and teacher
    “Loved the ‘just do 15 minutes a day’ part — what a sigh of relief. This took much of the overwhelm out of the project!”
    S. Leslie, author
    “Steve’s insight really helped me clearly lay out all my priorities and create manageable goals for myself. These simple goals have all led to successful results. Whatever creative path you’ve on, Steve can guide the trip for you.”
    Jim Salinger, Singer/Songwriter, visual artist
    “Samantha is a heart centered facilitator that is passionate about helping artists achieve their goals. The Get It Done workshop helped me to start my non profit, Expression Of Life Foundation, Inc. This first step will leave a legacy for empowering and inspiring women to heal.”
    Dr. Kelly Martin Schuh, D.C.

    Past program participants are getting things done, such as…

    • 30,000 words on my novel and more work on the rewrites of my memoir
    • Started a non profit for women
    • Created and launched blog and website!
    • Narrowed down, focused on a smaller project so I COULD get some things done
    • New art, burgeoning Young Living growth, improved health, better discipline, a joyful outlook. Yeaaaaaahhhh!
    • Lots of insights like how to be more gentle with myself and give myself more credit.
    • Submitted to five great agents – met with two – fingers crossed!
    • Got the planning and research done, contacted the people necessary and am in the process of getting the website done.
    • I developed a “habit” of writing 6 out of 7 days, for at least 15 minutes. If I skip a day, or if I write less than 15 minutes, I can be OK with that
    • Most exciting achievement so far: Actually getting clear (no more mystery!) on how much it would cost to get my books(s) out there

    Any questions? Please email us at: or

    Thank you! You are good and brave.


    Samantha Bennett and Steve Harper

    “Thank you! I so enjoyed the way you presented your information. :) ” – Angela, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

    “I’ve been stuck doing too many projects and your information has been invaluable.” – Jeannie Whyte, Raleigh, NC

    “Thank you so much for sharing your brilliance and passion with us today.” – Lyn, Ashland

    “I literally woke up this morning and threw my frisbee question out to the Universe: HELP – I’m stuck on something I could use a nudge and now I’m listening to you both and the info. My AHA insights are coming in freeflow … with one particular major shift … Thank You! I’m ready for the application :) Blessings” – Belly Dancer, San Jose, CA

    “BTW for everyone: [$497] is pretty much a steal for this. But maybe I don’t want to tell people that….” – Patti, Brattleboro, VT

    “I’m amazed at what you’re offering at this incredible price!!! This program sounds rich innovating and exciting. As usual the info you’ve shared in this free call thus far is so practical and energizing … The two of you make a great team ;-)” – Virginia, Huntington Beach, CA

    And here’s the recording from the Q&A call we did on 6-7-11 – lots of good, practical info like:
    – how to find the money when you’re sure there’s no money
    – you have so many projects…how do you choose?
    – how to market your artwork…would a “tiny book” work for you?
    – how to find more affluent customers…even in Ohio
    – how to know what words and phrases to say to convey the truth about your work…and why you should never use the words “unique” or “extraordinary”

    (click to listen or right-click and “save as” to download – Mac users hit “control” and click and “save as”)

    Click HERE to View The Order Form And Decide If The Get Your Work Out There Home Study Kit Is Right For You